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full story Nirokwar

Mensaje  AndresInsane el Lun Mayo 16, 2011 9:56 pm

It's been almost 174 years since war began and life on earth faces its own destruction. While children

are born to the sounds of war drums, a dark shadow envelops the land from ancient city of Ethersword
to the kingdom of Vanished Woods, leaving no stone untouched.
As the winds begin to blow, remains left behind from the war start to float away taking with them any chance of peace or hope they had. Only memories are left... memories of kings who once brought peace and made alliances between races.

The wood elves, immortals spending their lives in their safe realms in the woods, safe from the world's dangers, could not escape the inevitable - the faith.
Adimourn, King of Vanished Woods, the ruler of all elves, has perished at the fields of Vanished Woods. The flames which consumed him, and with him, the last chance for peace.
The wood elves were left with nothing, except the cold metal ax, stuck in Adimourn's chest.
Love, peace, harmony, the elves way of life, were all abandoned, for one purpose only - to find the ax’s owner, while the only thing burning in their hearts was hatred and revenge.
It wasn't long since the blame fell on the dwarves. The winds of which blew upon the battle fields, as the elves and the dwarves fought with great hate.
That elves paid a great price as the orcs attacked them and how
fighting two fronts, the elves were soon crushed, their army was torn apart and the last of their kings died.
The elves fell one by one, as their throne was forgotten, soaked with blood.

But those weren't the only alliances to fall apart once the war began. The vampires, a far, far more ancient race than the humans, were destined to eternally suffer for their greed... And now, their greed re-awakens again..
A month after the elf kingdom fell, the human princes Antharcia found herself in the hands of the orcs. The vampires couldn't think of a better gift - royal blood.
The leader of the vampire armies desired her blood more and more. The wind of war began to blow, covering even more kingdoms then before, making the vampires and humans join the fight.
And so, the fire of hell burns the ground, while vampires blood is spilled to the feet of humans, humans try to offend the orcs, and the dwarves try to escape the elves' arrow rain, and the land won't shed a tear.

The werewolves, safe from the war, smelled the blood and joined the fight against their sworn enemies, the vampires. Slowly, all pacts were broken, and total war began. The vampires, with nothing to lose, sent all their troops to destroy the werewolves and here was their mistake.
Their forces, far away from their home town, surrounded by werewolves and orcs, fought hard, and survived long, but the blood spilling was almost too expensive.
Forfeiting the fight and escaping their main fortress town, the vampires hoped for a miracle, and here it came. The humans met the werewolf army and the battle cries mixed with pain shouts were heard over all the land as those two major forces engaged.
The six main forces ruling the land were shred to pieces. Kings, loosing their minds, thousands loosing their lives, and many soldiers with no leaders left wandering the battle ground confused.
Few survivors of each race were left and chaos ruled the world.

The legend tells us of a mighty leader to come and who would bring the army back, and rebuild the alliances once again.
A human and an orc holding a sword together, the heavy rain will finally be able to beat the hells fire, and the peace would once again rule the world.
The journey there would be tough, but at the end, there will be one man, that same leader to reunite all the forces to once again rule the whole world in peace.

Each of us has a spirit of a warrior and a leader inside us, but do you have what it takes to get yours out and be the desired leader?


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